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"I am always pleasantly impressed when coming across people who are dedicated to the same ideals as the Red Cross: care for the most vulnerable... You have brought sun into the children's eyes and smiles on their faces..."
Daniel Prewitt, Head of the Red Cross Delegation, Sarajevo, Bosnia

"It was a really exhilarating period in school. The children who worked with you regarded their week as most special... I have no doubt that this time provided great educational benefit to all the pupils."
Jon Bliss, Head Teacher, Kirtlington Primary, Oxfordshire, UK

"Your magic puppet show was considered by the staff here to be one of the most successful entertainments the children had ever experienced, keeping them enthralled beginning to end."
Rose Bleach, teacher, Ormerod School, Oxford, UK

"Many thanks for your recent puppet workshops. The children loved watching and performing. There were significant gains in confidence and personal development for particular individuals. At the end of each of the three weeks the children's shows were remarkably professional in their presentation."
John Hawkins, Berinsfield School, Oxfordshire, UK

"Thank you for letting us make puppets with you and teaching us loads of things. We have enjoyed the four days and we wish we could do it every day forever."
Michael S., Shelly S., Daniel W., Ann Marie B., Jason D...